Saturday, April 13, 2013

Doctor Who: Cold War

Cold War by Doctor Who Spoilers
Cold War, a photo by Doctor Who Spoilers on Flickr. Creative Commons License

In yesterday's episode of Doctor Who, we were taken along as The Doctor and Clara accidentally find themselves aboard a sinking Soviet submarine during the Cold War, a problem The Doctor could easily fix if an offended martian Ice Warrior wasn't aboard the sub as well. With the TARDIS gone and the warrior threatening to fire off the nuclear, The Doctor and Clara must try to find a way to appease this alien before the Cold War heats up.

I had hoped that this episode would mark the upswing for the last half of this season of Doctor Who, but it fell ever so unfortunately flat. This story was similar to The Rings of Akhaten in that it was a bit plain, but unlike TRoA, Cold War didn't have much humor and not a single impressive monologue to compensate for the dullness. Honestly, the only part that I really enjoyed was seeing Matt Smith kiss a Barbie doll, but that's just because I love Matt Smith.

Furthermore, I didn't notice much that seemed as though it's later going to be relevant to the story arc, but this could be because I lost enthusiasm for the episode about ten minutes in and then didn't try very hard to gain it back. With my luck, this will probably turn out to be an extremely significant episode, just you watch.

Before I finish up this puny little thought session, I have one more thing to ask: WHERE THE HECK IS RIVER SONG?! I want her back, and I want her back now. The woman makes everything less dull. She probably could have even saved this episode...

Luckily, the previews for next week's episode, Hide, do look extremely  interesting and very, very creepy, and episodes with both of these elements usually turn out very good. Unluckily, it doesn't look like River Song is going to be in that episode either. I'll just have to cross my fingers that she'll be back after this!

But until next week, I would LOVE to see some thoughts and opinions down in the comments; I'm dying for some Whovian interaction. Seriously guys, dying, so just do me a huge favor and please, please, pleeeeeease tell me what's on your mind! Thanks!

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