Sunday, February 17, 2013

Review: The ABC Murders

Book Review: The ABC Murders by Agatha Christie

The ABC Murders

Things to know up front...

Recommended to: mystery fans, Christie fans

Rating: 8/10

Setting: various towns in England

  • No sexual content.
  • Several murders (obviously), but not too graphic or disturbing. 
  • No drug use.
  • A few curse words, but most are what I call "dashed out" such as d----d or b------d. 
  • Overall, suitable for as young of readers as are interested. 

The ABC Murders starts out with the wonderful Hercule Poirot receiving a letter from "ABC" warning of a crime to be committed that no one, except Poirot, seems to take seriously. Yet, sure enough, murder strikes an old woman named Alice from Andover, and the story takes off with each murder following a grim alphabetical pattern. Poirot and his good friend, Hastings, must put their minds together in this fast-paced novel to track down the murderer before--God forbid--the culprit reaches "Z."

I really quite enjoyed this little novel! Poirot was, as always, brilliantly entertaining, and the premise of the book is extremely exciting. Christie also departed from her usual style to give us a few chapters that were a third person narrative on the agitated murderer! I have read other reviews that have criticized this move on Christie's part, but I quite enjoy the extra excitement and pieces of the puzzle that it gives the reader. 

As usual, I didn't quite know what was going to happen until the very end, though I may just be very un-clever (stranger things have happened). Nonetheless, Christie gave the story a very satisfactory and characteristic twist that completely unraveled all of the ideas that I had formed about the plot; I honestly yelped "What?!" aloud as I was reading! 

Overall, I found this to be an extremely entertaining novel and think this would be a perfect read a day at the beach (though those days seem far off here in the high five of the nation) or a semi-long car ride! This is something that Christie fans, old and new, can enjoy, so go ahead and give it a try! (:   


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  2. This is indeed a different read, also because there isn't any relation among the victims that one can see...but this very fact serves a precise purpose. Also, as usual, Christie is shuffling the cards. One could never find two books of hers that follow the same pattern. There's always something peculiar in every one of them. (And no, I'm not biased LOL)