Sunday, February 24, 2013

Stories That You Always Come Back To...

Stories That Stay With Us Forever: A Post of Too Much Nostalgia

(I promise that at the end of this I will speak of something other than Harry Potter.)

So, a scarce few of you may have noticed that I'm currently reading the entire Harry Potter Series....again. Maybe for the billionth time. And I don't think that I'm shocking anyone here when I say that I'm a huge and ridiculously dedicated fan. Like, ridiculously. My visit to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal may have been one of the greatest days of my entire life. I cried.


My love for HP began when I was in the first grade. I had seen the movie, and my older siblings were reading the books, so naturally I had to read it. The first book took me about a month to read, and Lord only knows how much of it I actually absorbed. But that didn't really matter because I was already hooked. I ran through the rest just in time for The Order of the Phoenix, which I distinctly recall forcing our parents to buy while we were vacationing in Colorado. I remember the agony of awaiting the next two books and the bittersweet moment when the final movie came out.

For a time I think that I must have thought that after the last movie, the magic would be over, and Harry Potter would slowly fade away. Well, I'm glad that I was so wrong! In fact it's nearly impossible that it will ever leave me. I fully credit Harry Potter for introducing me to reading and for my advancement in English and reading skills. And even beyond that, Harry Potter never stops amazing me. The progression of darkness as the books go on is absolutely fascinating to observe, and the continuity is beyond impressive. I could praise the imagination, intricacy, and character progression for ages and still feel that I haven't done it justice!

Harry Potter taught me that even the most unlikely people can be heroes, that you must always stand up for yourself, and that love, above all things, can save us all. All of this is--and so much more--is why I loved Harry Potter all those years ago, why I love it now, and why I'll love it for all those years ahead.

I think the appropriate way to end this rant is...

Harry Potter, always.

So, after all of this emotion on my part, I want to hear what you think! What story has always stayed with you? How did you come by it? How has it affected you? Can you please be more of a freak than me? I'd love to hear from as many people as possible! Thanks! (:


  1. I am also a huge Harry Potter geek. Although I must admit to not having read the last book yet (which usually gets me some strange looks from people). But I have my reasons... like you I was worried that once I read the last book, the magic would be over and there would be no more adventures...and I just couldn't bear that lol.
    But it's definitely on my to read list for this year and I figure the magic is never is Harry Potter after all :)

    PS. Super jealous that you got to go to The Wizarding world of Harry Potter!

    1. I'm glad to hear that you're going to read it! It really is a wonderful end to the series and ties so much together. I just hope that you haven't already learned all of the surprises!

      And it was amazing! Hopefully you will get the chance to visit, too (: