Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thoughts on the Doctor Who Christmas Special

The Snowmen

As some of you may know, yesterday was not only Christmas (and I hope all of your had a wonderful one!), but it was also the premiere of this year's DW Christmas Special The Snowmen, which I was redonkulously excited for. 

Obviously, the main draw was the new companion, Clara (who previously appeared as Oswin Oswald) and how she would match up against the beloved Ponds. And how did she match up? I wish I could give a definitive answer, but I just don't know yet! Jenna Louise Coleman is certainly gorgeous and makes for a very mysterious companion since we don't yet know how she becomes the poor girl trapped inside a dalek. In the previews for the upcoming episodes, the Doctor was even show saying that she "doesn't make any sense." While this is all very well and good, I worry that she won't have enough personality to fill the spot! Of course, given the time that all companions should be allowed to develop, she could be wonderful. I just hope the mystery surrounding her doesn't outshine her as a (fictional) person. 

Yet another worry for me is the the potential romance between her and the Doctor. I know that the Doctor also acted particularly affectionate towards Amy Pond, but there was a little bit too much face-stroking and kissing between the Doctor and Clara for it to come across as even slightly platonic. 
 All I can say is that this better not turn out to be something! It took quite some time for me to accept the Doctor and River Song, and if Moffat tries to introduce another love interest, I will be ticked. Do we really need all of the female companions to fawn over him all the time? I think not! All I'm saying is this: if Donna could resist falling in love with the Doctor (and still be awesome) when he was a fox and a half, then so can Clara/Oswin!

However, this episode was, overall, very good. The plot wasn't anything too mind-blowing, but I daresay that Moffat was probably trying to focus more on reintroducing Clara more so than the actual story. The reappearance of a Silurian and Sontaran friend was a nice treat and added much more humor to the episode. 

We also got a few looks at the impressive new TARDIS interior! While much less cheery, I don't think you can deny that it sure is cool. 

So I guess that, all in all, I've been left with a lot of hope for the next half of the season! Hopefully I'll find some new Whovians to delight in all of it with me (:

All photos taken from BBC America.


  1. I loved it! But I agree, she better not fall for him. I'm not a fan of the new TARDIS. It's drab, lonely, cold, and heartless. It isn't as warm and welcoming as the older design. It sort of reminds me of the one from the old DW's, the ones with Tom Baker in them.

    1. I'd agree that it's going back to a more basic design, but my guess is that the new interior is meant to be a reflection of the Doctor's life without the Ponds, hence the "drab, lonely, cold, and heartless"-ness. Hopefully, there will be some happier changes to the TARDIS as time with Eleven goes on (:

    2. I figured, but I hope it changes again soon. Maybe they'll make a little exception and change the interior again since the Doctor's found Clara Oswin Oswald... The episode is probably in my top 5 DW episodes. It was realy good even though the plot was basic.