Saturday, November 17, 2012

So I saw Breaking Dawn tonight...

Yeah, I admit it, I saw it with a friend this evening. Am I a little ashamed? Yes. Was it worth it? Oh yes. 

Seriously, if you, like me, went through your OHMAHGODTWILIGHTTTTT stage like me, and then one day realized, "My god, this is garbage. Let's ban this book in every country just because of how godawful it is," go see it. In fact, take some time and watch all of them. You'll find yourself harboring a little bit of affection for them simply because of how much you can ridicule and make fun of them. And this one is certainly not disappointing. I almost peed myself when they were running in the beginning. Oh bad special effects, how I love thee. And the sex scene? Oh my. Not only is it done, but there's special effect glitter involved. 

Or, if you happen to be a true fan, go see it, too. I bet you'll really enjoy it. 

And that wasn't an insult, even though it sounded like it. I did genuinely feel that this was one of the best of the films. For me, it still wasn't so good, but it was better! 

Now, let all of we haters and lovers of Twilight mutually agree that this video of Robert Pattinson hating on the Twilight franchise, is hilarious. Enjoy. 

This kind of redeems him as a human being for me.

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