Sunday, November 11, 2012

Let's all take some time from our day to fawn over this dog picture...

It's called a golden cocker retriever and it stays looking like a puppy forever. Forever.

It's a dream come true. It's like my life makes sense now. 

Who doesn't want a dog that stays looking like a puppy forever? Only someone without a soul that's allergic to this much adorable. Just look at those paws. Big puppy paws that they will never grow into...they're killing me. 

I want one so badly. I will empty my savings account for it if I have to.

Just look at the effect it's having on me; look at all those strike-throughs. It's madness. Madness with floppy puppy ears and a widdle wagging tail...gahhhh. Seriously, is anyone else dying? 

But I need to look away. I must look away. I will look away. After five more hours.

Holy strike throughs, Batman. 

Now feel free to move on with your day, all the while thinking about how so very much you want one (:

Picture originally from GoAww, where you can find plenty more examples of impossible and completely distracting cuteness. Proceed with caution.

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